APTICORE Cismon Well Data

The APTICORE program was designed to document the global oceanic anoxic events and understand the causal linkages among various geological processes that led to the mid-Cretaceous “greenhouse” climate state. The well drilled in 1996 in the Cismon Valley penetrated 131.8 m of limestones, marlstones and “black shales”, extending from the Upper Aptian down to the lower Upper Hauterivian (about 117-130 Ma) and can be considered a “reference section” for low latitudes. The hole was continuously cored and logged with a complete suite of logging tools (excerpt from Integrated stratigraphy of the Cismon APTICORE (Southern Alps, Italy): A Reference section for the Barremian-Aptian interval at low latitudes, Erba et al., 1999, J. Foramineferal Res., 29, 371-391).

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