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Tools & labs > Logging tools

Downhole logging tools

Other Equipment

    wirelineDownhole logging operations are conducted using one of two wireline cable types. The standard cable is a Vector 7-46PXS heptacable, which consists of a core of seven multi-stranded copper wire conductors surrounded by filler and insulation and encased in two layers of high-strength steel armor wires wrapped in opposite directions to counteract torque when the line is placed under tension. The alternate cable utilizes a segment of 7-46PXS cable spliced with a section of Vector M18XS heptacable. The M18XS has similar construction to the 7-46PXS, but is comprised of materials rated for much higher temperatures. The splice is in such a position that the high-temperature portion of the cable will be in the well while the standard segment of the line will provide the additional length required to reach the deeper holes without actually entering those holes itself.


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