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Tools & labs > Logging tools

Downhole logging tools

Other Equipment

    Acquisition of downhole logs in real-time is accomplished by means of the MAXIS (Multitask Acquisition & Imaging System), located in the telemetry lab on the core deck just forward of the drill floor. This acquisition system includes a proprietary computer system called a WAFE (Wireline Acquisition Front-End) that communicates over the wireline cable with the downhole tool string as well as two PCs that are used to record and display the data in real-time as it is acquired. The telemetry lab is the primary work station for the wireline logging engineer and the logging scientists during downhole logging operations. It is accessible from the core lab so that scientists may visit during the operation to view data as it is coming up. There is also a color printer available for making log prints, although most of the time the information is utilized in a digital format rather than a physical one.


    Wireline Acquisition Front End (WAFE) with PCs.
    Display Station
    Data displays.


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