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Data & core samples > Log database

Log database

Logging data collected in DSDP, ODP, and in IODP by the USIO, ESO and CDEX are available through an online database managed by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. All logging data collected by these programs are available online, along with information about how they were collected and processed. Several web services are also available for pulling logging data into automated tools.

Search data
Best tool to use when you know the geographic area, measurement or tool that you are interested in obtaining data from. Allows Boolean queries and selection over multiple holes.

Browse data directories
Best tool to use when you are interested in data from a specific hole, and want to quickly drill down to all the data collected.

Data processing information
Allows you to quickly drill down to the data processing documentation for a specific hole.

Web services
Link your data visualization or analysis tool to the database through REST based web services. Vocabularies and examples are available here.

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